Friday, January 29, 2010

Swiss Film Festival

Film Guide
Wednesday, I was MIA on The Daily Run but I was ITMA* to write. I left the apartment early with Yann and headed to the train station to meet the other partners to head to Soluthurn for the film festival and arrived home much too late to get it typed out.

 Chocolate Oscar
I still have not decided what part of the day was best. Could it have been the train ride with the Brazilian, the Chilean, the Israeli, the Parisian, and the Japanese on the way to Solothurn when we discussed politics, philosophy, business, sports, and celebrities? Was it realizing that we were no longer in our beloved French speaking part of Switzerland but had crossed into the German side as we attempted to read the coffee menu in German, trying to decipher if we were ordering hot schokolade with cream or rum? (Turns out it was cream ;)

Theater 1
Was it when we got to the first theater and realized our gym cards got us the student discount?! Or maybe it was actually watching the first short (so serious and relevant) and movie (a dark psychological film)? Perhaps it was these French films that were subtitled in German when we found out who really spoke French who then in turn had to explain the complicated plot to the lesser franco-phones? ;) Merci beaucoup, mon amies.

American, Israeli, Chilean, Parisian, Brazilian, Japanese
No, it might have been the long lunch where we continued laughing and chatting about everything. It could have been when our 7th partner showed up and shared how she had just missed the train that morning due to a mishap with her feet and the ground :) I know it was definitely NOT when we had to walk across town and over the bridge in -5C to the next theater. Another close one would be the second short we saw entitled Las Pelotas, a film that takes place in Argentina about two men overly obsessed with the game of soccer and what they would do to have a son who could play on Manchester. Or maybe the final movie, Pizza Bethlehem, a heart-warming documentary about a girls soccer team that was made of girls from 30 different nationalities. We chose this film since our group has over 40 nationalities in total and thought we could relate well.
"Las Pelotas"
Still, I hate to be so indecisive, but the drink at the train cafe while we waited for the train was rather hilarious. I received quite an extensive German lesson from the bartender that the entire cafe seemed to enjoy. The train ride home was jolly as well. We each shared the stories of how we met our partners and when the last one finished, we were standing in Lausanne. But, maybe, just maybe it was being able to have a day like this. Maybe it was the sum of the parts that made it quite possibly my best day in Switzerland, so far.

*(In Too Much Action)

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