Friday, January 22, 2010


I know it is probably not fair to say, but I am tired. My husband is slaving away for full days at IMD and I have no real obligations. But it is true, I am exhausted.

With languages classes 6 days a week, events set up by the program, social events we set up, ski trips, trips to other cities, films, blogging,  interviews, cooking, cleaning, laundry... I am really tired.

I know I recently worked a full-time job which required me on an almost weekly basis to travel between at least two cities, on top of everything else I did, including many of the things I mention now. I thought with this year, I would be rested up, leisurely going through my day.

Instead, I find myself running from commitment to commitment. Yes, I do bring this upon myself and yes, I would probably find it difficult to do this any other way. But I am exhausted and need a bit of a rest. Although, first, I have to head to the yoga class I just set up. And then dinner. Then finish the work for my dad and my mother-in-law. Then I have to get around to that 2nd interview we finished, and the Swiss film festival next Wednesday and the big Balloon festival on Friday.

Geesh, I only have one year to do all this, guess I'll sleep when I have a real job again ;)

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