Thursday, March 31, 2011

Diner on the Hill

Jimmy T's
This morning I had the pleasure of sharing breakfast with George and Anali, on their quick stop into DC. I took them to a local, greasy spoon for an authentic Hill experience. It was so great to catch up with the two of them. It was my first IMD Reunion of the year :) Unfortunately Nicholas missed them, but we hope we can make it to Philly for a last visit before we head back to Switzerland!

JB's Night

After 3 cycles at the DSCC, we toasted JB this evening at Art and Soul for his past years of success for the Democratic party. It was a great event, packed with Senators, good food and great friends. It felt like a mini reunion running into people I worked with back in 2005.

One of the Senators formed a band and performed some hits for the party. It was interesting, to say the least. JB was toasted and roasted by many. It was great to see him get the recognition he deserved after the time he put in. So glad I decided to go down to Columbus and work on the campaign that changed the direction of my life. To JB!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Two 50lb Bags

Little by little we are moving ourselves back to Lausanne. Nicholas just took off for Switzerland with the start of our packing. I sure hope DC stays relatively warm since I packed almost all of our winter clothes with him.
Hehehe... If we invite you for dinner in the next month, you are forewarned :) *
I never would have thought that on my last birthday of my twenties I would be sending my husband off to start the return to our new home abroad. We are so happy and excited and I could not have a better birthday gift than this! 

*Original image by Ross Berteig

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Big Re-Pack

Here we go again.
I am beginning the big pack for our move back to Switzerland. I wish I could say that at least this is the last move for a few years, but unfortunately, we are only subletting the first apartment for 8 months until we have to do this all over again... but only in country, not international :)

Such is the life of overseas living. Once we get there, we will be in a great place- hope you can visit!

NY Week in Review

I escaped the District for the Big Apple last week to crash with Aunt Laura during her visit there. We had a blast!

Photos of the showroom at 7West- Big time.

I love this apron! 

The first night, started at Live Bait, for drinks and dinner with her colleagues. We highly recommend the fried pickles! The "Executive" brought along his slingbox cellphone so the ladies could watch the Bachelor. What is the world coming to?  :)  From there, the night was young, and we headed to the Gansevoort in the Meatpacking District for some cocktails on the rooftop bar.

can you see the phone/tv next to the pitcher of beer?

Laura, her colleague and moi

The next day, after visiting my old boss and edit house, Laura and I met up for mani/pedis and then cabbed it to the West Village for dinner at Meme. Although we were looking for Thai, the mediterranean tapas hit the spot! This is where I learned about "slinging the biscuits" and took a shot of the soap dispenser in the bathroom- the work never ends ;)! 
Adorable decor

The great soap dispenser

Wednesday, L and I separated for the evening- I celebrated my friend's engagement down in the village again and she was off for cheese and wine with her fabulous colleague in midtown. 

Thursday, to celebrate St. Patrick's day, we hit up Clinton St. Baking Co. for pancakes. Yum! I had always wanted to go there when I was in NY but never made it til I was back as a tourist :) After visiting with my very first NY friend and roomie down on Stone St for some Irish festivities, I was back uptown to have dinner at O'Reilly's with Laura. We had a great time, eating the obligatory corned beef and cabbage. 

We ended the week with Aunt Julie arriving later that night for a slumber party before Laura had to head off the next morning for the airport!

Us ladies in the lobby 

Thanks FGM for being so generous and for bringing me back to the city I love! I had a fabulous time with you, meeting your colleagues, seeing your showroom and enjoying all the city has to offer! I love that you are in the fashion industry now ;) 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Proud Aunt!!

Carter is TINY in person! Wow! 
I did not want to let him go :) Check out that little baseball outfit! 

Proud Daddy and Aunt :) 

Saturday, March 19, 2011

What not to...WHAT?!

One of my all time favorite shows is TLC's What Not To Wear. I have been obsessed with it for years and have secretly hoped someone would nominate me to get a makeover in NYC with $5,000 and the help of Clinton Kelly and Stacy London. It is not too late people :)

Yesterday, Aunt Julie and I decided to meander through Macy's to pass time and check out the latest bags and shoes. While heading to the shoe section, we noticed a group of girls all gathered around a camera crew. I rolled my eyes, "tourists," I thought, "this is NY, there is always someone filming, who cares, get over it..."Then, I saw Him. Our eyes met and I just about screamed. Instead I gave a huge smile, waved like we were best friends and patiently waited with the other ladies :)

When Clinton finished explaining a suede jacket to the latest fashion victim, the crew started to move on, but he came over to us. I told him how much I love the show and how I feel like we are old friends since I have seen him so often. He was the nicest, down-to-earth guy. He joked with me while my aunt snapped a photo and waited patiently while a few others asked for one, as well. His producer looked a little annoyed, but he just waved her off and said he promised he would take a couple more shots.

Sigh... it is so great to meet someone you admired on camera to find out that who they are in person doesn't even come close. They are way better. Fan for life.

He looked so handsome and much taller in person. Love! 

Thursday, March 10, 2011

I have a nephew!!

Last night at 10:48pm Central Standard Time, Tony and Rachel become parents to a happy, healthy baby boy! Measuring in at 5lbs 10oz and 18inches, Jacob Carter joined the world! Carter and Mom are both well. Carter arrived a couple weeks early, just like his daddy did 30 some years ago. Like father like son... uh oh :), I bet you are going to have your hands full Mom and Dad!!

So excited to be an aunt, check out my little mooshker!