Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Best Picture Showcase

This is the most amazing thing I never knew about. In NYC amongst some other cities nationwide, there is a Best Picture Showcase at AMC! This is where they have a marathon viewing of all the oscar nominated best picture films of the year on one day. This upcoming Saturday, March 1, is the day. You get a ticket for $60 for 9 films. The 24-hr marathon starts at 10am on Saturday and goes til the next morning with small breaks between the films and a dinner break at night.

This is the second year for some of my friends and I would love to go. Unfortunately, it looks more like I will be working than soaking up all the cinematic goodness. I already invited Nicholas to join me next year!

If you can do it and it is in your city, GO! Only a handful do the marathon, but many do the 2-day viewing. Where they split it up over two weekends, 4 movies and then 5 the next. I think the first viewing is already over, but you may be able to catch the last 5!

This happened

Yesterday, in the midst of chaotic planning of events for my client, I reached for my phone to call one of my vendors to change a contract. I scanned the invoice and statement of work for a contact number and in my haste, dialed the first one I saw.

The phone rang a few times. The office phone rang. It always rings. It probably averages two calls a minute, so there is constant ringing in the office. It can be annoying, but for the most part you can zone it out. Funny how that works. When I create my own business and run my own office, I would make it beautiful and create ways to have peace.

So, the phone keeps ringing and I shout something to my colleague and friend, about who knows what, but something urgent, no doubt. Finally, someone answers the phone, "Civic Enter... " I am confused and slowly turn around in my seat to see half of my office laughing. I had dialed my office's main line, which all the coordinators are responsible for answering. Which means they all could see my desk number come up and just let it ring for several rings until one of them decided to pick it up :)

I could feel the burning red creep to my face, before I laughed and shouted out, "Oh, crap. That's embarrassing."

I felt like the most appropriate thing to do at that point would have been to stand and take a bow, but decided to re-dial with a more careful eye.

Just another day in the life...

Sunday, February 23, 2014


If you can't tell by the name of my blog (which I originally started when a group of my friends and I were all going to run the Chicago Marathon in 2009- I didn't make it since I decided to get married and move abroad instead), I love to run. I have had a love affair with stretching out my legs and going for long miles for 18 years now. Sure, we have had our moments of separation and frustration but I always come back to it.

This whole winter, since I got back from Asia on Jan 1, I have been dying to go for a run outdoors. I got one in a few weeks ago when we had a break in the weather and then TWO outdoor runs just this weekend!
Saturday Run- Look at that sky!
While on my run today, I was listening to upbeat pop music and soaking it all in. I had the biggest smile on my face, while I blurted out lyrics randomly, and ran through all the aches and pains of a body under-used.
Sunday Run
While I was thinking about how goddamn lucky I am to be outside running in warm weather, in my favorite city on earth, I realized that my calves were aching, my toes felt funny, I had a side stitch and I wasn't going my normal pace. In all honesty, this would normally have gone down as a bad running day. But this was no normal run. This was a freaking gift. I was given the chance to run outdoors, on the east side path where the snow was melting and there was no ice and no chance for me to slip, at the end of February.

During my run, I passed a lot of other runners who, like me, were clearly out breaking in their legs again. I have a competitive streak and when I am on a path, I cannot help myself but to pick off runners. At one point, I could hear someone creeping up on me, I turned my head just slightly to enter the main path but also to see who was approaching. A man much taller than me. I didn't let myself see much more, but I could tell he was trying to pass, so I did what I always do in that situation. I picked up the pace.  And, for good measure, decided to start singing out loud to try to intimidate him. (You know, like I am in such good shape, I can run faster than you AND sing out loud.) I held him off for probably 500 more feet before he overtook me. When I got a good look at him, I laughed out loud. Who do I think I am? That man was in incredible shape, his calves carved out, his shoulders broad and strong. He moved gracefully on while I felt physically beat but emotionally alive.

This break in the weather gave me a chance to be grateful for things that I normally would have complained about or not considered extraordinary. But not today. Today, I soaked it all in. I embraced the aches and cramps and soreness. All the feelings I miss when I don't get to go for outdoor runs. Those feelings are the warming up of the body for the thing that makes me feel most natural. Running.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Lola's Cocina

Last weekend, I took a last minute flight out of NYC for a quick trip to sunny San Diego to surprise Lola and be there for the launch of her products at Williams-Sonoma artisans' market.

It was so great to surprise her and my friends, with the help of Corinne. We had a strong selling at WS, actually selling out of her top item, Salsa Negra! She was invited to come back and I know her future is bright. Her products will soon be available online! In the meantime, check out her site and try her recipes. When her products are available online, you have to order the Salsa Negra. It is so addicting!

But beyond her stellar business acumen, her ability not to listen to doubters and being a dream chaser, she is a new mom and incredible friend. I spent a lot of time just observing during the past weekend and I was so impressed how she seemed to so naturally find a balance between her worlds. She is a loving mom and Amado is already a momma's boy, but she did not coddle and fuss over him. She tended to him and cared for him in such beautiful ways, but she did not show the stress or worry that is evident on most first-time mommas. At the same time, she did not stress or overthink her product launch. I have to say, I was more jittery and focused on the tiny (unimportant) details than she was. She was the picture of calm and coolness. Her confidence was evident in all ways and I made her promise she would come teach me her ways whenever we decide to start a family and a business :)

My heart is still bursting with pride and awe. Love you, Lulu!!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

He's come and gone

Talk about a quick visit. Nicholas will travel more on the plane that he spent in NYC. What a crazy man, but so happy he made the trip!

Just a couple more months of this and then we will be together more permanently! I cannot wait for him to be a part of my every day moments :) We are looking forward to the next chapter, but in typical Chacon-fashion, we have a lot of unknowns in our future. As long as we are together, we know that we can do anything!

Now, he is off to Brazil via Korea for his last project; traveling for the next 51 hours!