Saturday, April 30, 2011

Lausanne 10/20k today

One year ago, I ran the Lausanne 20k with the girls- ahh memories :) Today, I arrived to watch Yann complete a 10k!
Congrats Yannou!
I hope to start back into running and run the next one with him. Lausanne is just as beautiful as I remembered, and just as competitive! Holy cow they run fast here.

Friday, April 29, 2011

You know you are in Switzerland when...

We have arrived!! We are in our beautiful new (unfortunately temporary) home in sunny Lausanne! It is strange to be back as everything is familiar and the day started with a phone call from Ashley and then a quick visit with Yann and Maxime. It almost feels like we never left :)

Back to the title of the post. After we got our 10 bags in the house and parked our rental car. We ran to the grocery store to pick up something for breakfast. After we got a bit settled we had to go move the car, but we could not find the keys anywhere... UGH!

After searching every bare surface of the new place and going through bags that the keys had no way of getting into, we decided to check the only other "logical" place-- the car.

Lo and behold, we found our car where we left it, in the center of town near the apartment. Unlocked. With the keys sitting in plain site on the driver's seat... Yep, yep. Only in Switzerland. Sure feels good to be back :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011


and loving it! I think I love it more when I visit than when I lived here. 
Strolled through my first neighborhood today- looks just the same and is so different! Pics later.

Friday, April 1, 2011


Today marks the first day of the last month in our DC apartment.

Today also marks Megan's trip to come visit me!! I could not be more excited, happy and relieved to have her coming in, even for a short time, to help me with the apartment. I am looking forward to hanging out and enjoying her company while I get my life together.

Job Search

I am on the hunt for a job in Switzerland. I have emailed just about anyone I can think of that I know in Switzerland and those who know anyone there. Things are going fine, I have heard back from various people, but no real leads. Just a lot of nice people connecting me to one other person. But who knows, that next one person could be my ticket to gainful employment!

Have any ideas? If you happen to have any connection to anyone or any company in Switzerland, I am open to suggestions and willing to contact/meet anyone! In this day of connectivity, we've got to be able to know someone who knows someone who just happens to have a job for me! A girl has to eat and pay rent... and ski ;) I kid.