Friday, July 24, 2009

running or the lack thereof

I know I have been really bad and haven't posted for almost a month. I have been in such a running rut. I have to say, when I had a quick wknd in Chicago, I did have an amazing run through the city, along the lake and through the zoo with Meegs.

But lately, I just cannot get myself to do any running. I have started to do more yoga. But all in all, I have lost any sense of dedication to this. Any words of advice?

I used to read running mags and cut out inspirational quotes by athletes. I would watch the Prefontaine movies. I would listen to Chariots of Fire. I would Just Do It_swoosh. Now, I just don't want to do it.

How can this be? The majority of my life I have been a runner and now- do I just stop? I used to love the long runs, those were my favorites. In HS we called them LSD, long slow distance. Even though back then they weren't exactly slow. Now, I just think- Long and Slow takes away from so many other things that i need to do.

I am going to quote something I just read, "did I lose my run?" Have I hit the wall of running in life? Is that possible?

I'll let you know how this weekend goes.