Saturday, March 19, 2011

What not to...WHAT?!

One of my all time favorite shows is TLC's What Not To Wear. I have been obsessed with it for years and have secretly hoped someone would nominate me to get a makeover in NYC with $5,000 and the help of Clinton Kelly and Stacy London. It is not too late people :)

Yesterday, Aunt Julie and I decided to meander through Macy's to pass time and check out the latest bags and shoes. While heading to the shoe section, we noticed a group of girls all gathered around a camera crew. I rolled my eyes, "tourists," I thought, "this is NY, there is always someone filming, who cares, get over it..."Then, I saw Him. Our eyes met and I just about screamed. Instead I gave a huge smile, waved like we were best friends and patiently waited with the other ladies :)

When Clinton finished explaining a suede jacket to the latest fashion victim, the crew started to move on, but he came over to us. I told him how much I love the show and how I feel like we are old friends since I have seen him so often. He was the nicest, down-to-earth guy. He joked with me while my aunt snapped a photo and waited patiently while a few others asked for one, as well. His producer looked a little annoyed, but he just waved her off and said he promised he would take a couple more shots.

Sigh... it is so great to meet someone you admired on camera to find out that who they are in person doesn't even come close. They are way better. Fan for life.

He looked so handsome and much taller in person. Love! 

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