Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dinner Date

So when our partners are busy, we eat alone, a lot. I am quite used to it and have enjoyed the company of the French programs on the radio that one day I hope to understand. The other night, Yann suggested we eat together instead of alone since it was going to be another long night for our partners.

So I packed up some ingredients and headed over to cook in his enormous kitchen where I discovered he got way better loot than I did in our "fully furnished" kitchen. He generously let me take his muffin pan and mixer! Finally! Won't have to do everything by hand! Anyways, we cooked a delicious mushroom risotto, one of my favorite new recipes, and opened one of the bottles of wine he brought back from France.

After dinner, we had homemade cupcakes and watched Tatie Danielle, a classic French comedy.

Scene from film: "This is my daugher, she is nice." "Yes, but she is ugly!"

Hilarious! :) I found this movie poster in English that sums it up:

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