Sunday, January 10, 2010

Serge Gainsbourg (vie héroïque)

Tonight, my neighbor, Yann, and I went to see the French film premier Serge Gainsbourg, vie héroïque, about the life of famed French singer-songwriter, actor, and director Gainsbourg. He is known as one of France's, if not the world's, most influential pop musicians. Because it was the premier, the director was there to speak at the start of the film.

At the theater, I got slightly confused by the ticket collector on where to go and headed the wrong way. Once Yann caught up to me to let me know the theater we were supposed to go to was downstairs and not up, we had to maneuver our way back. Unfortunately, our only option seemed to be the exit or ducking under some red cords. We decided to duck and found ourselves in a small gathering for the premiere. He turned to me and said "Champagne?" I said, "Oui!" We each had a quick glass of champagne and made our way back to the correct theater for the show. After a quick intro by the director were I understand the following words "tete"- head, "Whitney Houston"- same, "popcorn"-same, the show began.

This guy was eccentric to say the least. Wild. Out of control. Not particularly attractive, but he had all the most beautiful women. "Ugliness is in a way superior to beauty because it lasts."-- Serge Gainsbourg. Well-said my friend. I won't give away the ending, but it was a fun night with a new friend and I definitely enjoyed being immersed in the French culture with that film. If you have some time, look him up. He is provocative.


Jane Birkin, who is Gainsbourg's main love interest throughout his life, is portrayed by Lucy Gordon. Gordon committed suicide in May, just before her 29th birthday and shortly after they finished filming. This film is dedicated to her.

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