Sunday, December 15, 2013


Nicholas gets free tickets to MOMA through work, so we had the pleasure of going there a few weeks ago. I FINALLY got to see Edward Hopper’s work in person- something I have been wanting to see for years now. I studied his pieces in my first year English class at OSU and wrote stories based off a couple of his most known pieces. It was such a cool moment to see them!

Modern Art is one of my favorite genres. Most people (read: everyone I have ever gone to a modern art museum) always say the same thing- Yeah, it’s cool. Yeah, it’s sort of interesting, but is it really art??

I would argue, that yes, it really is art. When you study art history and learn how we got from different periods up to modern art, it is fascinating. I would love to join the museum, take some more classes or go on guided tours to learn even more.

Some of the pieces were not only art but also functional- one was a globe made out of what looked like large plungers. This piece was used to detonate land mines. Another looked like a large, golden cube. This one was a home for the homeless that could go over a grate that would blow air into it and inflate it, while keeping whoever was inside warm.

One piece that I ADORED was an experiential piece. The physical part was a wooden box and then playing over a speaker (on a 3-hour loop) was the full recording of the studio where the artist worked on the piece. So you could hear the sounds that were captured while the piece was created. So cool. Nicholas did not agree. He fits in the category above. He likes modern art to a degree, but then when it gets to “borderline” art, he is over it.

He was an awesome person to go to the museum with, as we have such different tastes we would drag each other to parts that we otherwise might not have gone to.

Cannot wait to go back!

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