Sunday, December 15, 2013

Thanksgiving in CT

Gorgeous, happy couple

I had my doubts whether or not an immigrant could pull off an entirely American tradition, but when that immigrant is Giulio and the tradition involves food- there should never be a doubt! Giulio created the most delicious turkey that he roasted and then smoked on the grill.

My past thanksgivings abroad have either been in Switzerland with Ashley and her madness of hosting 30+ folks in her apt, or alone in Mexico City eating a turkey sandwich from Starbucks. I have not been in the US for one for over 4 years, so was really looking forward to the meal and customs surrounding it. Like, actually being able to watch football or grocery shopping for all the ingredients at one store and actually being able to find them.

We had a blast with G and Meg with many rounds of Pinochle, our game of choice, lots of late nights catching up and generally eating too much delicious food.
Double Pinochle!  
I cannot believe that I am going to be “neighbors” with Megan- just a short train ride away!!

So much to be thankful for!

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