Sunday, December 15, 2013

Play 60

Second week on the job and I am already meeting a Super Bowl champ. I had the honor of representing the NFL Network and the work they are doing with the NFL called Play 60 at one of their Super Schools. They presented a $10,000 check to the selected school to help buy equipment for physical education. I normally wouldn’t work on this team, but it is definitely something I believe in, so I filled in for a colleague and got a chance to go to balmy MN :) 

I got to meet Joe Berger and Super Bowl Champ Charlie Johnson, a couple of cheerleaders and Viktor the mascot.  The Viking entourage, led by Brad a 23 year veteran of the organization, did an amazing job. The first half of the morning was an assembly where the players, phys ed teacher and the affiliate from Comcast all spoke to the students about the importance of staying active and leading a healthy lifestyle. From there, the players led the students in a super phys ed class and we ended the morning with group shots and some interviews with the local media.

Stay tuned for more fun and exciting adventures on the job! 

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