Friday, December 14, 2012

iPhone screen protector fail

So, after my screen protector started peeling off my phone and looking raggedy Nicholas kept pleading with me to take care of it; to buy a new screen protector and replace it before I scratched my phone.

Like a good wife, I allowed a week or so to pass before I acted on the advice of my husband. I finally made it to a Best Buy today to pick one up. Holy geez, those things are pricey! Mine was around $22 with tax but claims it is military grade, whatever that means, and it has a lifetime guarantee... Well, at least there is that.

Once I got back home and went to work to prep my phone for the new "shield", it appeared that I did damage my screen. There were a few little bubbles... hmm. That looked more like what happens when you put on a screen protector. Wait a minute...
Notice the little bubbles in the bottom corner... yep. Screen protected. 
After doing a quick exam of my phone, it turns out that I had placed a screen protector over my screen protector. Safety first!

In Korea, when you go into a cell store, if your phone looks like it needs a new protector, it is just one of the services they will offer while you talk to them about whatever you came for. It is like an art there. Truly. One of the guys works on it for several long minutes and when he finishes, you can hardly tell the protector is actually on- it is that good. Looks like I had mine replaced the last time I was in one of the stores in Korea and didn't notice!

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