Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Goodbye Brunch

This morning, I met one of my friends for a goodbye brunch. Her husband attended IMD the year after Nicholas and we had an immediate bond. She is a patient woman who kindly deals with my poor Spanish and we share so many stories that bond us. I feel so close from our experience at IMD with our husbands (and her child) and now we have very similar lives. Moving around the world, having friends in every major, and minor, city around the world. Our Whatsapp contact lists reach to places we dream of going someday.

I cannot explain the instant connection that we had and the way we just understand each other, even when it is hard to understand the language we speak to each other :) From our love of coffee, delicious food and appreciating new and interesting world views, she may be a new friend but most definitely she is an alma gemela.

She gave me a gift when we departed of great Mexican candies, salsa and other essentials that I would be sure to miss and not be able to find in Asia and beyond. We promised that we would be in touch, but hopefully we would meet again in some other corner of the world because as we both know, one thing is for sure: You just never know where life will take you!

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