Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sailing or Monday came a day early this week :)

Sunday, Nicholas and I had the opportunity to go sailing with a bunch of the students. Since neither of us have ever sailed before, he thought it would be a good idea for us to go without an instructor, as we both like a challenge. Yep, yep.
similar boat to what we sailed

We got into our Laser 3000 sail boat and after a brief lesson in French we were off...Sort of. We had a few close calls with the beach and rocks as our little sail boat didn't seem to want to go out into the water. Luckily, a Zach Galifianakis-look-alike-vagabond with a lot of knowledge of sailing was very helpful. 

The vagabond minus baby and beard, in a speedo

So these first few moments were a bit frustrating for the both of us, but more so for Nicholas. I decided that if we were going to spend an hour or two sailing, I was going to have a good time, regardless. He snapped about me not being any fun and then, miraculously, we seemed to finally be heading to deeper waters. When we were finally deep enough to put the rudder in the water (see picture below), Nicholas told me to do just that. 

I admittedly paid no attention to the instructions and had no idea what I was supposed to do with this board. Nicholas at this point was quite tired from jumping in and out of the boat to help navigate it, and frustratingly told me to "please put it in!" repeatedly. "Put it where?" I asked. He again repeated the vague instructions with even less patience this time. Okey dokey, I thought. I guess it goes in the water. I checked for some rope on it to ensure it was attached and noticing some, I tossed the rudder overboard. 

me with the rudder and our little boat
Yes. I tossed. The rudderInto the water. Guess what? It was not attached. That rope i saw was not secured to anything...The rudder had gone by the board. The next few minutes are a bit of a blur as I was still confused why we would want this board out of the boat, but figured he knew best. 

This is where the adventure began. Nicholas saw the rudder floating away and jumped out of the boat frantically chasing it. Once he successfully had it in his arms, he started swimming towards the boat. Although, at this point, the boat had finally caught some wind. As a new first mate,  I had no idea how these boats worked and was just going with the wind. Away from Nicholas. No one at the helm. Oops. 

From the  water, a panicked Nicholas started yelling for me to steer the boat. Only the vagabond witnessed all that was happening and was swimming behind Nicholas who was chasing the boat and me :) I wish I could have taken a photo, because this was priceless. 

At this point, Nicholas tossed the rudder and started swimming faster and faster to catch the boat. All the while, yelling instructions and anger in my direction. 

Finally he catches the boat, the Galifianakis-look-alike grabs the rudder and gives it to us and the instructor from the rental place zooms over on his speedboat to find out what has just happened. Nicholas tells me again to carefully place the rudder in but this time to be careful that it doesn't slip through again... 

Slip through?... 

I realize at this moment what has just happened and also that no one witnessed my momentary lapse of reason. He is now pointing to a very obvious hole in the boat where this should go and I am starting to realize the hilarity of it all. 

I quickly tell him through enormous laughter what I had done, just in time for him to relay the  message to the instructor. I was laughing so hard tears were streaming down my face. Once Nicholas realized what I had done he stares at me in utter disbelief and then bursts into laughter. 

The sailing going forward was spectacular. The winds picked up and we were zipping around the lake like pros! We even went a little too far that the instructor had to race to us to tell us to turn around. We cannot wait to get back on the lake and do it again. This time, keeping all the necessary pieces in the boat. 


  1. Baahahahahhahaha! Soooooo wish I was there for this episode of "Lost". Absolutely hysterical!

    And I love that the speedboat had to tell you that you'd gone too far after -- everyone knows you not-so-secretly want to peddelloo your way to France. BUSTED! ;)

    And PS BTW: did you by chance ask the "Galifianakis-look-alike" if he was single?! Maybe I'm being selfish but this character sounds to me like a PERFECT candidate for "Are you my boyfriend?!"

  2. OMG- HILARIOUS! Not sure what your criteria is for these candidates, but does a roaming man with only a nap sack and a oversized-speedo sound good to you?

    You know me so well. I did not-so-secretly and quite proudly announce I wanted to sail to France. The instructor was not amused :(

    Please come back!! xo