Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Great Weekend in the Z

Ashley and the boys 
We started the weekend off with board games and wine, then headed to a wonderful meal at the home of A&M's friend. After wandering through a street-fest, we ended the first night on a very high note :) 
The boys got up and out early to play soccer and then American football while AP and I got to catch up for hours!! It was just what the doctor ordered. 
seit 1898- since 1898 112 years old, or according to Nicholas practically 200 yrs! 
Then, Nicholas and I went off to the oldest vegetarian restaurant in the world to celebrate the anniversary of his and another student's interview date at IMD. We had an incredibly delicious meal with Melanie and Lutz and then sprinted to make the 9pm train back to Lausanne, where the two students went over applications and cases. 
All in all, an amazingly fun weekend! 

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