Sunday, August 8, 2010

Latino Party

Last night the Latin students and their supportive partners hosted a party for the students, alumni, professors and guests. It was a smash hit. The entertainment line-up included a Mariachi band courtesy of the Mexican student, Capoeira dancers courtesy of the Brazilian students and Sevillana dancers courtesy of the Spanish students.
The Mariachis! 
Along with food and drinks from Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Paraguay, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, and Peru. I still have to pinch myself when I am in situations like these. Sharing an evening with a group of people who are sharing a piece of their culture and life with us. It was really cool. I even learned how to make arequipe and milhojas to represent Colombia. Many of my latina friends were impressed, but not as much as Nicholas. Success! The dancing went to the wee hours of the night and needless to say, an amazing time was had by all. 

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  1. SOOO cool! Sounds like such a fun night :) Hope you recovered well ;)