Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hikes and more hikes

These days have been filled with lots of outdoor activity. While Nicholas works away on his international projects and applications, I am hiking around Switzerland.

Here are a few of the photo-highlights :)

Tuesday Hike: La Cure with Daphna and Margrethe

Hiking through many contraptions that were at times the gate and at times not the gate.
not-gate (we still managed to get through)

Hiking to the top of the mountain and then going back down "the same way" and ending up in France.

How did we get here? 
Crossing the border sans ID, saying a little prayer. 
Well, hello France :) 

Wednesday Hike: St. Croix with Jenny and Yann

What a gorges day!

Yann couldn't resist being a monkey and climbing on rocks and large trees.

Look closely, he is on the tree over the river bed

We even found a sign from God.

Dieu vous aime- God loves you

Getting my fill of nature before the year ends and loving every second of it!

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  1. The photo of Yann as "Where's Waldo?" hiding on the tree over the river bed just made me belt out laughing. I MISS YOU GUYS!!!

    These pix are beeeautiful!
    Thank you for sharing :)