Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Not sure I agree with this article

Especially this paragraph: Today, however, Switzerland's cities are grubby, its trains run late, its highways are always under repair, and its politicians often seem provincial. This former haven has turned ugly, as xenophobic populists have campaigned to close doors to outsiders (except the super-rich). More and more, Switzerland seems like just another small, struggling European nation. As Europe ponders its role in the new geopolitical order, Switzerland is looking less and less important to world affairs. The Swiss like to define themselves as a Willensnation—literally, a nation formed by the people's will. But the will to reinvent Switzerland now seems lacking. But, worth taking a look, http://www.newsweek.com/id/233207

I haven't been here long enough to defend (or want to defend) Switzerland, but the cities are far from grubby and the trains are on time. I am continually impressed by the ability of the Swiss to coexist with the multiple languages, religions and cultures, but they seem to do it well. Some parts of the article definitely ring true and perhaps my perception will change after more time here, but I still think the Swiss are doing just fine.

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