Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New Airport Regulations

Here at Geneva Airport (and I am sure all other international airports with flights heading to the States), after you go through security questions by an agent before check in, you then check in, then head to the security line, then get to your gate.

Here, you are checked again, by a gate person. They take your passport, write your name on a list, then they go through all your handbags. After this, they take your coat and check all pockets. Finally, they do a pat-down. I of course asked the agent if this was something new and she said "yes, since the last incident."

I am all for security and checks. I know this procedure would not have caught the guy flying into Detroit. No one pats where he put the bomb. I guess just one more level of deterrent and maybe one more level of annoyance for busy travelers before they can sit down at their gate.

Can't wait to get into Newark to see how security is there...

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