Saturday, February 20, 2010


Tuesday, my husband got home early and surprised me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers! Such a nice surprise...

THEN, my flatmate walked in with beautiful roses...

I started to wonder what was going on! Turns out, the male students at IMD planned a little surprise for the 20-25 women students on Tuesday for a belated Valentine's day. The guys brought in champagne for the ladies and then performed this:

and gave each woman a rose. So sweet. Nicholas told me that after they did this, he wanted to bring me something too and brought me a bouquet of tulips (one of my favorite flowers) and gave me a private serenade of the song. haha. Since Cecilia got two roses during the serenade, she gave one to me :)  Regardless of the reason, getting flowers on a random Tuesday is always a pleasant surprise.

You can read the IMD Blog where one of the students writes about the boys surprise.

PS. Not every guy participated in this. So not only do I have an amazing husband, but he is also such a thoughtful and sweet gentleman to others, as well. What a catch. 

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