Friday, April 26, 2013

Si puo fare- Italian night in Seoul

Last night, I went to Club Italia for their homemade pizza and movie night. I have been so tempted seeing the invite on FB while I was away for their once a month gathering and I was finally here and able to make it!

I had hoped to meet up with some friends there, but figured worse case, I could meet some new ones and get some delicious food and watch a movie out. None of my friends showed up, besides the one who made the pizzas, but I was so happy to meet a group of students who are here for a semester from Italy, Finland, Germany and France. They were so sweet and genuine. Before I could really speak, they each were hoping I would say I was from their country. The Italians jumped on me first, speaking Italian hellos and introductions. I apologized that although my family has Italian origins, I do not speak it :( Then the German girl got a big smile and shouted that I was German. Nope. Then where? asked the French girl. The US, my family is in Ohio.  Small world. One of the Italian girls has a friend who went to do a semester in Columbus and never left. She loved it that much :) I mean, obviously...

So, we got some fresh-out-of-the-oven pizza and grabbed our seats for the film. Si puo fare. It was great. I highly, highly recommend it. The film is about the social co-operatives in Italy from the 1980s. Where they would help patients transition out of mental institutions or others who were disabled. It was a comedy/feel-good movie and I couldn't help but be the one to start the applause when the credits started to roll. (while some tears rolled down my face).

Sometimes, a film is great because of the people you are with and the atmosphere it creates. I know that definitely played into this one, but I am pretty sure it was a great one, regardless. Just in case, make sure to eat with a pizza and some great company.

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