Friday, April 12, 2013

New Bikes!

While I was away, Nicholas was keeping busy with all of our friends. One group in particular, is very active and big bikers. They all got bikes here in Korea and talked Nicholas into getting bikes for us, so we can join them on weekend outings.

The day after I got back to Seoul, Nicholas took me to pick them up. He picked out nice, light racing type bikes, so I can try another triathlon with the proper equipment. Of course, Nicholas had made friends with the owner and his wife and wanted to get a photo. Not only that, but also one of our friends and Nico have also sent many of their friends there to buy bikes, so we wanted to have photos of each of us with the two of them.
It has been so cold, windy and rainy/snowy, we haven't been able to take the bikes out yet. Looking forward to spring arriving and taking some long bike rides!

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