Monday, April 29, 2013

Happy and tired

Aksana and David arrived this morning and will grace me with their upbeat presence until Wednesday morning when they leave, for good, for Europe :( Although we are extremely happy for David and his new job opportunity in Geneva, we will definitely miss this lively couple.

Today, Aksana and I visited the jimjilbangs for our last time together. It was bittersweet. Aksana is the one that discovered so many of the great bath houses here in Korea with me.  First, when we traveled last year with our friend's family and then every week until I left for my extended trip abroad. We fumbled through the customs and now could be mistaken for the ajoumas ;) We ended the evening with delicious, cheap Korean food. Now, after a big day of catching up and running around the city, we are ready for a good night's rest.

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