Thursday, April 25, 2013

Brunch in Gangnam

Today I had brunch with my favorite Vancouver couple and a new Colombian who is in the group. We had a great time and the food at the Flying Pan was quite impressive, delicious and filling, considering we are in Korea eating an American-style brunch.

It was raining, windy and really cold as I headed to the restaurant after my Korean classes and I was chilled through when I arrived. Still in my warm coat, I ordered a coffee and Patrick, in just his work shirt and in true Canadian-style, ordered a strawberry smoothie with frozen raspberry garnishes... I was cold just watching him. There must be some truth to the Canadians toughness to the cold climate. Brrrr...

It was a great little gathering with the guys who ducked out of the office to join us and Nicki. It was great meeting the new member of the team and seeing how much he is like Nicholas. Yes, they are both Colombian, but they also both attended IMD (different years). I think that has something to do with it. His girlfriend arrives sometime soon and is currently living in DC! Talk about a crazy small world. Cannot wait to spend more time with this couple!

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