Tuesday, April 9, 2013


The first question we get when we say we live in Korea is, "North or South?"

"South...", of course.

Now with all the attention on our little peninsula due to our neighbor to the North, most people don't have to ask that question.

From our perspective, life is as normal as ever here. Trains still run on time, the city is clean, the people are dressed fashionably and well-heeled. There is plenty of traffic and activity. It is a vibrant place that I love.

What there isn't is: panic, worry, fear. No one discusses the issue. Even my expat friends, amongst ourselves, rarely talk about it. I only think about it if we get a message, and we get many, from a friend or family member checking in.

While Nicholas and I were away on a very disconnected, relaxing vacation last week, our last night we mistakenly turned on the television and saw all the media about the threats. It was disturbing. And overhyped. If I didn't live here and had loved ones here, I would be sending the same concerned messages.

But as Nicholas continues to tell anyone that asks us (me; view his latest FB post...) about our welfare is simply:

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