Saturday, April 20, 2013

Living Abroad- Weekends

Something I have realized and find so strange living abroad is how I view my weekends. I have not had a full-time job since I left my NYC firm. Even still, I view weekends as my free time- my time to do whatever I want to; to enjoy and relax. During the week, I put pressure on myself to be productive and focused. Even though I could relax more, I feel ingrained that I have to put in time on my projects and studying. I am in class until 9am and have moved my US calls to early morning-prior to them- so I can stay focused and more productive during the day. By 5 or 6pm, I call it a day and make dinner, flip on a show or hang out.

I just realized, that if I wanted, I could make a Wednesday feel like a Saturday, but something in me physically stops me from that. Strange thought, but the weekends are still weekends. The feelings that come with a TGIF, still feel the same to me as when I reported in and received a regular paycheck. It just strikes me as odd. Some things never change.

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