Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I am not a housewife

Or,... maybe I am. The world we live in today is not nearly as predictable as the ones our parents lived in with clearly defined roles.

I am not a housewife. Or so I thought. I fought it from the first moment we came to Switzerland the first time. My husband discouraged it, luckily.

I am not a housewife. Or, at least not a good one. I tend to mix laundry up. Put clean clothes next to dirty ones. Leave cleaning supplies out long after they have done their duty. We have more baby blue t-shirts than crisp white ones. I dread making the bed, and chances are, if you saw the bed on any given day, you would not be able to tell if I accomplished the goal... I did. I am just not good at it.

I am not a housewife. I never baked and rarely cooked before I moved overseas. I rolled my eyes at people who baked. Why would you waste precious time measuring things out? It actually irked me that people spent hours in the kitchen. Couldn't they be doing something else... Then I moved here.

I am not a housewife. I refuse to keep up with my daily chores and prefer to spend time reading, networking, applying to jobs and coming up with business ideas. I plan to take over the world, not the home.

I am not a housewife. They say women spent the 80's and 90's proving they could do it all and now they want to take a break and care of their husband and children. I know I am not a housewife. I am not trying to prove that I can do it all. I just am.

So, as much as I fight it. A spade is a spade. For the time being, I am not a great housewife, but maybe I am...

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  1. I love it, I absolutely love it. I'm still written for my hand written, signed copy that I can frame.