Thursday, June 23, 2011

Forum Outdoor Adventure Weekend

This weekend we are going away with the Forum for their outdoor adventure weekend. We will be leaving super early from Geneva on Saturday morning to head to our hiking trails, somewhere across the border into Italy. We have been forewarned that our guides have been going out each day to check the conditions and there is snow on the ground. They told us that within an hour, the temperature can swing 15*C (that is 59*F), and to expect temps from -5*C to 18*C. Obviously we have been guided to pack lots of warm layers.

picture taken yesterday of our guide on the trail we will hike

Not only will the weather be challenging, but so will the conditions on the trail in general. Looks like we have quite an adventure ahead of us. I have all of our things laid out and will start packing our bags shortly. They need to be finished for Nicholas to take his with him tomorrow before work, then I will follow in the afternoon. The Forum is hosting a BBQ tomorrow evening, then we will stay with one of Nicholas' colleagues so we do not have to get up any earlier than is absolutely necessary to head to the big hike!

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