Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hike Weekend, Part one

We were lucky to crash at Nicholas' colleagues home in Geneva to make the very early Saturday morning much more doable.

Of course, after the many emails they sent warning about the weather and to pack extra everything, you can bet I did. I hate to be cold or wet, so our bags were at capacity... Luckily for us, the weather was perfect all weekend! Not so lucky for our poor backs :)

The only snow we came across was on the path but it was so warm, we were in our t-shirts and sunglasses. The first day, we decided to go on the moderate hike and not the strenuous one. Nicholas and I went back and forth on that decision, but after hiking for 30 mins on the "moderate"one we knew we made the right choice!

hike ended at this gorgeous lake
The first day took us in a path through switzerland in the direction of the Italian border. I met so many incredible people on the first hike. The WEF is like IMD times five. Everyone speaks multiple languages, have lived all around the world, have multiple degrees and want to change the world. Talk about inspiring!

Glacier in background. New friends having drinks before dinner

The day ended with a dinner hosted by the forum of great Swiss food, drinks and a show by a Swiss Alpine horn player! We called it an early night so we could get up early and start all over again on Sunday!
Like this one, but too dark to get a good shot.

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