Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fashion, Cupcakes and Art

What could possibly be better than those three things? Especially when done with my mom and godmother? I knew Cleveland had a lot of cool in her, just takes a while to search it out. Back in February, we went to MOCA- Museum of Contemporary Art- for the GALlery Event. Ladies, cupcakes, art and fashion.
Just us with Val in her designs ;) 

They had Project Runway Season 8 contestant Valerie Mayen, Cleveland-based designer- there with her clothes and designs. Awesome-awesome. Her shop is called Yellowcake and I am really digging it. I especially love her t-shirt :)

After the fun-filled hours perusing art, shopping, eating mini cupcakes and cheese and crackers, all washed down with a Lemon Meringue (Vodka, Limoncello, Creme de Cacao, and club soda) we headed to Little Italy to have some sausage, double cheese and mushroom pizza from Mama Santa's. I die! 

I seriously contemplated helping out an aspiring designer and purchasing this mustard coat.

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