Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Could not be prouder!

A modern-day superwoman! 
My amazingly talented, social-media expert friend Stacey Hall has been working her behind off for the past 3 years for a start-up. Last night her company announced their acquisition by e-Rewards!! She is a rockstar and words cannot describe the absolute pride that I have for her. We were just chatting this summer about how it would probably be a couple more years before this happened, then WHAM
Congrats Stace and I can't wait to toast you in person when I see you over the holidays!! 

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  1. Stop it!!! I am totally sitting here blushing my face off!!! :) What a crazy couple of days. Can't say thanks enough -- your excitement makes me even more happy/psyched/wow'd than I already am :) xoxoxoxoxoxo