Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Outdoor Photo Exhibit

I have spent the past two days in the beautiful town of Vevey going through their huge outdoor photo exhibit. It is a really cool project that they put on every 2 years throughout the city and in a few of the buildings. Nicholas and I spent Sunday seeing practically every single piece and yesterday I went back with Yann et co. to see the last few exhibits that we had missed. You get a map of the city, below, with the various pieces of art marked on it and then you wander around discovering both the city and the art. So fun!

Some of the highlights and the album

Vevey exhibit 2010-09-06

Photo of prostitute on outside of old jail
underground/homeless exhibit in underground metro station
Timely piece- Recently banned Minaret on outside of building. 

When I saw this electric red/orange wall, I just knew this would be the backdrop to endless amazing photos- and it was! 
My twin
martial arts kick-punch sequence

The three of us

Having the time of my life :) 

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