Friday, September 10, 2010

Indian (Summer) Dinner

The other night, one of my good friends invited us to her home for a home-cooked Indian meal and to show us her amazing art work.

As everyone knows, I am a fan of home-cooked meals and love trying new and authentic recipes.

She made dishes from "Bollywood" and elsewhere. The food was fragrant, spicy and delicious. The pudding dessert was made of tapioca, which I later found out is a part of many of our cultures. The Japanese girls told us that this is the ingredient in bubble tea and our Brazilian friend told us that the root vegetable that is used to make tapioca is from Northern Brazil and is made into many different things such as crackers, crepes, and flours. I have had bubble tea and love it, but I always was a little weary about what those chewy pearls could be. And of course, I have had the American tapioca pudding before. Who knew it was so worldly!

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