Friday, July 23, 2010

Sad to see her leave

But so happy she made the trip! Stace and I had the bestest time ever while she was here for a glorious 5 days. The sun lasted long enough to get some amazing lake swims in, walks through small towns, an outdoor movie, and more. A few photo highlights, but since she herself is a blogger, I get to borrow heavily from her work and photos. Check out our adventures.

Lake swim in Montreux

Freddie Mercury Statue in Montreux with Laure, Yann and I posing. 

On the boat 

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  1. Sitting at the airport, reveling in the free hour of internet (ummm, thank you GVA Airport!) and not even remotely bummed that my flight's delayed... What an absolutely wonderful week :) Thank you so so much again and again.

    I was reminiscing about all the ha!larity while on the train and busted out laughing thinking about last night and when I asked Yann how to say the word "spooning". Clearly it did not help the situation that I proceeded to lay on the kitchen floor. Hahahaha!

    What a GREAT week. I miss you already :(