Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cinéma en Plein Air

The Lake Geneva area is hosting multiple outdoor theaters this summer with either old films for free or with new releases where you will need a ticket. It is a nice tradition and something I loved in DC, watching outdoor movies at night on The Mall. 

While talking to my neighbor about this, I remembered all the drive-in movies I used to go to in high school with my friends and excitedly asked him if he used to do that too. He laughed and said no, that it was an American thing to do. That he used to watch films, mostly horror, where an American couple would go to the drive-ins and the girlfriend would be murdered. Hmm, not exactly the memories I have of the drive-ins. 

Bummer, Europe has no idea what they missed. I don't know why I thought it was so much fun to pack as many people as possible into a car-- often parking our other cars blocks away-- and paying something like $10 to watch 2-3 movies split amongst 5+ people, but it was. Warm summer nights spent with friends, out doors, with your car packed with snacks and multiple movies on a huge screen. Amazing :) 

I am looking forward to watching some of the new films outdoors, that will be a new experience, as the drive-ins and outdoor movies in Ohio and DC were mostly classics or slightly older films. 

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