Friday, July 30, 2010

Real Swiss Living

Yesterday, Yann, Jenny and I had a true Swiss day. We started by going hiking in the Jura region and true to the Swiss spirit, we did not let a little rain or cold stop us. 

A crazy contraption for hikers to pass through

We hiked for over 6 hours, not what we had planned, but the excursion was well worth it. We saw so many different animals- cows, horses, sheep, donkeys, deer, and fox- it was like being at a really huge zoo.

Check out the album!

After our epic journey, and a quick coffee break, we headed to a small farm town to watch Christophe Meyer perform at one of his summer evening concerts for a report Yann was doing for his French radio station. Christophe is a Swiss singer and in the 90's was a big hit in France and elsewhere, performing at some of the largest venues. Now, he is touring his homeland and giving free concerts at local farms at night to announce his latest record.

After Yann got his interview, the three of us dined on beef sausages, potato salad, bread, beer and homemade dessert and got ready to enjoy his show.

Christophe performing
Christophe is a great performer, got the audience to join arm in arm and sway to one song, go around the farm in the "train" a la weddings to another song, had us all standing on tables and clapping and most of all, smiling all night long! He has many adoring fans and there were several shout outs to the American, Korean and Parisian.

the fans
It was one of those days I will never forget. Immersing myself into the culture, enjoying the natural beauty and enjoying a simple and fun night



  1. Sooooooooooo cool!! Loved looking through the album :) "Gnomes everywhere!" Hahaha. What a an awesome day!

  2. I know, wish you were here! Thanks for helping me with the photos :)