Wednesday, March 3, 2010

J'ai faim!!

Tonight Yann, Nicole and I went to see a modern dance show with two performances. I am right back in the swing of things and haven't been here for 24 hrs.

The first performance was interesting, but I have to say the second was my favorite. It was a modern dance/art take on a scene from Hansel and Gretel and I thought it was rather brilliant. My take on it is Hansel and Gretel are a couple. They were annoying each other during one scene. Hansel gets frustrated with Gretel and Gretel reacts by having a tantrum. Nothing good comes from it. No matter how much they frustrate or annoy the other, they keep coming back for the other. They are lost without each other.

Anyways, in one scene, Gretel kept yelling "J'ai FAIM!" -- "I am HUNGRY!" and I could totally relate. I sat through the show and couldn't keep my eyes off of all the loaves of bread they used to set the scene. Had I known, I would have ate something substantial before the show :)

There was a point when Hansel and Gretel keep shouting about being hungry and then the lights go down. They are standing in the forest at night... I was sitting in the front row and was wondering how long I had before the lights would go back up... enough time to grab one of the loaves? Probably not. Darn.

Needless to say, coming home from a week away there is not much in the kitchen. But I did go to the late grocery store and buy a baguette. Je n'ai pas faim!

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