Monday, April 7, 2014

Where did March go??

The blog has clearly been put on hold for a while with the craziness of joining the workforce and trying to keep up with my old life of endless travel. March was a beautiful blur that included my first major project coming to fruition in Austin at SXSW. From there, I had a lovely visit from my dear Yann and we celebrated my birthday in epic gastronomical style at JungSik. Holy Michelin Stars!! Then in the middle of the glory of that visit, I hopped a plane and took off to see my love and my beautiful Seoul apartment one last time before we packed it up and went away to the Philipinnes for a week. And... here I am. Back in the city that never sleeps. About to start another work week and another project. The beginning of some unknowns. Who knows where this spring will take me, but I am ready for wherever it leads.

As with all my NYC Mondays, I bought myself a huge bouquet of roses to scatter around my apartment and office. I believe that you should always have something to look forward to. I hear so many people complaining about Sunday nights and the anxiety of going back to work the next day. I thought I would try to subconsciously alter that feeling to one of peace and eagerness. Something to look forward to. It's just some flowers, but it really brightens my day.

I also got a nice, relaxing run in and this. A short post. But hey, it's the little things, am I right?

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  1. You are SO right! Reading that paragraph about your month felt like a mini-movie montage. LOVE LOVE LOVE! "A beautiful blur"... I think you may need a new blog title... Just sayin ;) Thank you for letting us all live vicariously through your awesomeness! Oh how I love and miss you so! XO