Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Get Lost

Guide to Getting Lost 

I just stumbled on this little gem and to say this is pretty much how I live my life is an understatement. I am not a huge planner in terms of travel. I so prefer to *discover* a city on foot and get lost in its streets. I cannot tell you how much this can irk people who are real planners and have to-do lists for traveling. The one thing I ALWAYS plan for is food. I am obsessed with eating the best a city has to offer, whether that is the best street tacos or a table with a white cloth, it makes no difference, as long as the food is satisfying and it gives me a glimpse of the culture. What easier, quicker and more satisfying way to discover a new place than to enjoy the food? 

I try to do this whole "getting lost" thing in my own cities. I take different routes to get to ordinary places. My commute to work is 6 blocks, but I try to take every permutation of those 6 blocks I can to see new things each day. I make mental notes of cute cafes I want to try, happy hours that I long to be able to make, and new threading salons to keep my eyebrows in perfect shape. 

Nowadays, it takes a lot to get off track with gps, google maps and check-ins. I say to heck with all of that and get lost! 

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