Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Best Picture Showcase

This is the most amazing thing I never knew about. In NYC amongst some other cities nationwide, there is a Best Picture Showcase at AMC! This is where they have a marathon viewing of all the oscar nominated best picture films of the year on one day. This upcoming Saturday, March 1, is the day. You get a ticket for $60 for 9 films. The 24-hr marathon starts at 10am on Saturday and goes til the next morning with small breaks between the films and a dinner break at night.

This is the second year for some of my friends and I would love to go. Unfortunately, it looks more like I will be working than soaking up all the cinematic goodness. I already invited Nicholas to join me next year!

If you can do it and it is in your city, GO! Only a handful do the marathon, but many do the 2-day viewing. Where they split it up over two weekends, 4 movies and then 5 the next. I think the first viewing is already over, but you may be able to catch the last 5!

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