Saturday, February 22, 2014

Lola's Cocina

Last weekend, I took a last minute flight out of NYC for a quick trip to sunny San Diego to surprise Lola and be there for the launch of her products at Williams-Sonoma artisans' market.

It was so great to surprise her and my friends, with the help of Corinne. We had a strong selling at WS, actually selling out of her top item, Salsa Negra! She was invited to come back and I know her future is bright. Her products will soon be available online! In the meantime, check out her site and try her recipes. When her products are available online, you have to order the Salsa Negra. It is so addicting!

But beyond her stellar business acumen, her ability not to listen to doubters and being a dream chaser, she is a new mom and incredible friend. I spent a lot of time just observing during the past weekend and I was so impressed how she seemed to so naturally find a balance between her worlds. She is a loving mom and Amado is already a momma's boy, but she did not coddle and fuss over him. She tended to him and cared for him in such beautiful ways, but she did not show the stress or worry that is evident on most first-time mommas. At the same time, she did not stress or overthink her product launch. I have to say, I was more jittery and focused on the tiny (unimportant) details than she was. She was the picture of calm and coolness. Her confidence was evident in all ways and I made her promise she would come teach me her ways whenever we decide to start a family and a business :)

My heart is still bursting with pride and awe. Love you, Lulu!!

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