Friday, March 8, 2013

Rice, Pasta, & Potatoes

Staying in the home of Michael and Lola, we eat a lot of rice. All because of Lola. Michael would prefer something else. He is polite.

I offered to cook, but when you are in the home of a great cook, you can only be the sous chef. My meal suggestions are far off from their typical cuisine. Potted Italian beef stew, Italian wedding soup, pastas, breads, pizzas. I never thought I cooked much Italian fare, but being in the home of Lola, and her rich Mexican influence, mine starts to become evident, as well.

Michael grills. One night we have delicious, juicy chicken with mashed potatoes. It is evident Lola is missing the rice. Another attempt includes a steak salad. Lola adds lime rice to the mix. Michael politely declines.

Michael becomes a bystander, most days, as well. We eat delicious meals of her past. Huevos rancheros, tinga tostadas, and sopa fideo- her answer to my mac n'cheese.

Being in their home, it is the first time I realize that I begin with pasta and Lola with rice. For Nicholas, it's potatoes. It makes me smile to think that we can simmer each other down to the starchy staple of our childhood. It also makes me crave farfalle and pesto :)

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