Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Flight to SD

I was the last one to board my flight to SD. Somehow I was flagged and had to go through extra security at the gate, which included each of my carry-ons to be opened and each of the items to be taken out. A pat down by the female guard, followed by another guard who requested I take off my boots while they thoroughly searched each one. I cursed them under my breath, that if they took out my gel inserts there would be hell to pay. After I gathered my items, repacked, and reclothed myself, I was able to board the flight.

We all had to fill out customs/immigration papers to fly into the US and the couple next to me clearly were having trouble with theirs. They had asked the flight attendant help them read the document but she did not have the time and after she rattled off the items listed, left them in a daze.

The older gentleman tapped me and asked if I would help them with their papers. I obliged and went about learning new travel vocabulary. Luckily, one of the documents was half in English, half in Spanish, so I could compare some of the words that I did not know. The last thing I wanted to do was help this couple by filling it out incorrectly. After I finished his and the family papers, he handed me his wife's and I started all over again. Asking the same questions I had just finished with him.

They were grateful for the help and I was thankful for the vocabulary lesson. When we touched down, I was also grateful that I do not have to board another flight for several weeks.

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