Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Flight to MEX

After my adventure to San Jose, I looked forward to boarding a normal size plane and having a smooth ride to Mexico.

I went up to check my bag and head to security when the gate agent told me that I had to submit my departure papers one full hour before my scheduled flight. I explained how my flight to San Jose had been delayed and we had just arrived moments earlier. He said he would do the best he could, but that I should not expect to make my flight out tonight.

Crap... I had booked a hotel in the airport in Mexico City. It was non-refundable and I had an early morning flight out from there to SD. This would be a very expensive delay, if I were not to get on my flight. I flashed my smile again and asked him to do whatever he could. He ran my departure papers up to the gate and I watched the minutes pass by on the large, digital clock across the aisle. When he finally returned, he told me I had to wait 5 more minutes for their decision. It was now 6:10 and my flight was scheduled for a 6:25 departure...

What would worrying accomplish? Again, I stared at the electronic numbers and said a quick prayer for there to be some goodness in the world. I had already had my share of bad fortune with the lost phone and the terrifying flight. I was destined to make this flight. As soon as 5 minutes had passed, I reminded him and he called up to the gate. After a minute of conversation, of "uh huh. hmm. uh huh" He printed out my pass and told me to get to the gate as quickly as I could to try to make the flight.

I ran to security where the officer looked at my ticket then his watch and gave me a snarky smile. I told him that I knew I was late and would be running to my plane. He nodded and passed me through. When I made it to my gate, the boarding hadn't even begun and our departure had been pushed back 10 minutes. "Typical," I thought, grateful that things never run on time here. I boarded my plane without problem and we were off.

I realized quickly how bad the weather was, when I felt the strong turbulence on this large plane. I again said a quick prayer, shut my eyes and said a quick thank you that I had made it on the tiny plane. I was on my way!

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