Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Phone gone :(

I learned a tough lesson that you should never leave your phone unattended at a wedding. I recorded all of the speeches, the fireworks, the first dance and took a bunch of photos throughout the day to give to Ashley as a souvenir from her very special day. Unfortunately, someone needed my phone more than me and swiped it at the wedding. Luckily, Nicholas set us up on the cloud, so the only photos that I am missing are the ones that I took at the wedding. I still have a lot of gems, like this:

I am bummed, for the lost photos but mostly because that was my tool to communicate with Nicholas via kakao talk. It never felt like he was far, since there were always messages when I woke and we could talk when he was home from work or on his way to the office. The first two days after the phone was taken were rough. I didn't realize how lucky I have been to feel so close to someone who is thousands of miles away. Anyways, the pity party is over and I will have to get a cheap-o prepaid phone until I get home to Korea.

To whomever took it, jokes on you. That phone is on its way out and the home button doesn't even work.

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