Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Unexpected Trip

I had planned on going to CT for the weekend to visit my bestie, Meegs, but my plans dramatically changed yesterday, when I learned that my cousin was taken from us too soon. I canceled my amtrak ticket and booked a flight down to FL where I will meet with my brother and head to see family I have not seen for years.

I feel happy in a sad way, that I will be able to be together with so many of our loved ones. I feel sad that it had to be for this purpose. The last time I saw Mikey was when Uncle John passed away, unexpectedly. That time, we all flocked to the cold and snowy northeast Ohio. Mikey and the rest of the gang were there and the "Floridians" couldn't wait to dive into the snow and sled down grandma's hill. It was another sad occasion, but we all were happy to be together.

Such will be this reunion in the South.

Life is too short. Hug those you love. Don't wait to tell someone what they mean to you. Do the random act of kindness. You will never regret it.

Live and love.

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