Friday, January 25, 2013

Real World- Inauguration Style

The team that I worked with at the past two Conventions came together to do our first Inauguration. As we were not being put up in hotels this time, the head of our team put us up in a house on the Hill. There was a large group of us in a two-bedroom row house. Since Andrew was the only guy, he got one of the rooms all to himself. The rest of us ladies were in the other room. It had a loft, and two beds, so we slept in close quarters over the 10 days or so, that we were there.

You might think that sharing a home and working around the clock would put too much pressure on any group, but for us, somehow it worked. We had our moments at the beginning, but we worked out the kinks and came together as a team, once again.

I know most of us are going through withdrawal after spending so much time together and being so close, literally. Hoping our next reunion is in Korea, if not sooner in the US!

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