Friday, January 25, 2013

Missing Seoul

Over the holidays, (and now) I was missing Korea. So, to solve the issue as efficiently as possible, my parents took me to an authentic Korean restaurant in Cleveland.

I could barely decide what to order while looking over the menu. Everything called to me and it had been months since I had had my last meal. I settled on Kimchi stew and waited patiently for all the Banchan (side dishes) to arrive. And arrive they did! It was an embarrassment of riches! The quantity and quality of the side dishes rivaled our favorite shops in Korea. We (...I?) quickly devoured the little bowls of kimchis, eggs, fish, etc. We ordered far too much food, and had to bring it home. The food was inexpensive, the portions large and the flavors spot on. I was super satisfied and feeling a little closer to my Korean home at the end of that meal :) 

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