Friday, October 19, 2012

Week in Review: Parents Visit Asia

I have to give my parents a lot of credit for coming all the way to Seoul and staying less than a full week. Most people hardly consider the trip is worth it unless they spend at least 2 weeks if not a month or more. Not these jet-setters. They handled the jet-lag and packed days with ease and before we knew it, the week had flown by.

We had a lot of fun and I really loved showing them our new home. Mom was a real trooper; she ate the famous spicy chicken that was served to us at the highest spice level- laden with hot peppers- I mean it took a lot of effort to eat around them. Not only did she try lots of unfamiliar foods, from all sorts of interesting sushis to many varieties of kimchi and beyond, she also really stepped into the Korean culture by joining me at the Korean baths! This is a ritual that I have come to love, although I do admit it is a bit counter-cultural for Americans. It came as no surprise, that after an initial explanation of how things worked, Mom could have easily been mistaken for an Ajuma who comes weekly :)

Dad of course didn't miss a step being back in Korea. He fit in easily with the culture and enjoyed the food. It was great to have someone who not only could eat spicy food, but also enjoyed it! A highlight was to see him at the Kukkiwon and be able to take his photo while he explored the area. I was definitely proud to tell the men at the school that my dad was a 5th degree Black Belt :) They gave him a few parting gifts to show their appreciation for his visit. I loved that I could speak to them in Korean and tell them that it was one of my Dad's dreams to come here. Always a nice thing to compliment your host ;)

We saw the "Best Of" and had time to catch up and talk about new and interesting business ideas :) Who knows, maybe one of them will actually take off! Nicholas and I couldn't agree more that the visit was too short and we hope for a repeat. Either back in Asia somewhere or, perhaps sooner, South of the Border ;)

W.I.R. Photos
Bongeunsa Temple after Japanese Dinner
Rooftop view from apt at night 
City Bus Tour- "Smile! You are officially tourists!" 
After a coffee break in Dongdaemun we walked along the Cheonggyecheon 
Hangeul (Korean language) created by King Sejon during Joseun Dynasty
Gangnam tour shortly after we took a photo with a giant street TV 
Kukkiwon Visit before conveyor-belt sushi lunch! 
Mom's Korean Jimjilbang (bath) experience! 
Trendy Garosugil for dinner, dessert and future biz discussions 
On top of Namsan
Namsan Tower Hike
Well deserved Hyatt afternoon tea/cocktail after hike :) 
Mom at her first Asian Palace, seen one, seen 'em all!
Mom and I touring the preserved village
Our obligatory Korean BBQ; including the special royal kimchi- courtesy of the chef! 
After day of shopping in Insa-dong, we went to happening Itaewon for  dinner & drinks
Before getting them and their baggage checked in and through immigrations, we took one last photo :) 

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